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Eliminate Giving out Phone Numbers and Sending Emails

Gossip Depot gives members free access to online newsrooms. Members use their newsrooms to add separate news desks to categorize each inner circle and aspect of their life. For example, add a separate news desk for family, friends, fans, business, relationships, wellness, or around a specific topic or project.

As members invite people to their news desks they eliminate the need to exchange phone numbers, share contact information, or send multiple emails. All members communications are neatly organized through their newsroom.

Whatโ€™s New for 2021

  • Daily Gossip: Get Latest Breaking News from 100+ RSS feeds.
  • Collaboration: Join Groups and other News Desks.
  • Advance Tools: Analytics, Agile Systems, Gantt Charts.
  • Report News and Gossip: Get Private Newsfeeds, Publish Articles
  • Create your Own Media: Content Marketing, AdSense Safe
  • A Global Conversation: Join the Public New Stand to Network
  • Awards and Cash Prizes: Based on Ethical Journalism
  • Improve Productivity: Sync Calendars, Kanban Boards, Daily Overviews.

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A newsroom to Build, Repair, and Improve the following Reputations:

Millennial Moguls. Business Moguls. Media Moguls. Sports Franchises. Grassroots Movements. Philanthropists. Trailblazers.

Follow Groups, Not People

Create groups for media sources, newsgroups, work groups, committees, caucuses, festivals, and more...

Get a Newsroom Member Login

A Fun Way to Build Stronger Teams

Being famous does not make you a mogul; networking does. Using various networking methods, moguls change the world daily by exchanging ideas, innovations, and information. But lines often get blurred and rivalries form among these various relationships when the proper tools are not available. This miscommunication complicates initiatives but Gossip Depot offers an exclusive solution.

Gossip Depot is where the most influential people in the world divide their empire into separate creative spaces or newsgroups to keep their peers informed and involved while also celebrating life together, sharing stories and adventures, recording moments, being productive and staying connected, even over long distances.

How it Works

Avoid putting your trust in the wrong people; by managing who you let into each circle.

After logging in members will receive an online newsroom capable of adding newsgroups called, news desks. These varied interfaces are the best solution for keeping personal relationships separate from professional circles.

Once moguls master their newsrooms, they can customize their spaces with unlimited upgrades, integrations, and add-ons such as Country Club-style concierge and world class software that will improve productivity with any size group.

If there is nothing to chat about at your news desks, you can easily join the news desks of other moguls from around the world and work together to break into new industries and adventures.

To create your own News Desk:

  • Login
  • โ€œOpenโ€ your Admin Panel
  • Then โ€œAddโ€ a news desk.

(One News Desk = One Group/Circle)

Gossiping gave early humans a sense of shared identity and helped them grow more aware of their environment.

By Robin Dunbar, anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist

Gossip Depot is where groups of informed readers share knowledge, information and experiences and what they're learning from it.

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