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Your Audience is your Business. When someone views your gossip you will get paid. Each gossip type has its own averages for what they will pay out; for articles, we calculate your earnings based on the number of views (CPM) and the number of clicks (CPC) that your gossip received for the month.

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What type of Ads do we place?

Google places ads that are unique and relevant to your gossip. Remember, Google goal is to ad additional value to your visitors.

Tip: The longer your gossips are, how you use keywords, and the more you gossip the more relevant to your audience your ads are.

More Relevant Ads = More Clicks

The more clicks you receive the more residual income you will receive. Here are three examples of Google ads. These Google ads are similar to the ads that will be placed on your gossips. Again, Google places ads are uniquely based on similar keywords found within your gossips. So your Google ads will probably be different from these.

To see a realtime example of Google ads on a published gossip click below.

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The best thing about Gossip depot is you don have to bring your own audience. Gossip Depot is designed to make you money while you are sleeping even if you are using the platform as a second channel to publish content. If you have access to a smartphone or computer then you can start today.

Gossip Depot is a mixture of free and premium content that you can publish to your newsroom to build a community of loyal supporters and make money from their subscriptions. Gossips are also publish our world wide gossip newsfeed.

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Learn to optimize your gossips and you don’t need a huge subscriber base to start generating residual income — 200 clicks on an ad paying $5 a month means $1,000 (about $700 after fees) each month for writing one to four articles per week. You don’t need a huge subscriber base to make a paid newsletter worth it — 200 subscribers paying $5 a month means $1,000 (about $870 after fees) each month for writing one to four newsletters per week. Plus, the volume of work doesn’t increase as revenue increases