Gossip Depot is more than Gossip

One platform: All the news

Gossip Depot is a news aggregator displaying breaking news from your favorite news sources. Gossip Depot will have every news, oped, press release, article, gossip, scientific journal, and podcast in the world. Right now we have CNN, Fox News, Huff Post, regular news junkies like you and us (aka Gossipers), and we are on track to certify and add 75 more mainstream news outlets this month.

Gossip Depot creates formatting standards for what is considered mainstream, gossip, and news. If a news publisher is not on the world Gossip Depot then they are considered as conspiracy theorists, propaganda, or gossip. If you aren’t mainstream then you are not considered legit. Even Independents are on Gossip Depot.

Difference between Gossip Depot from Twitter, Facebook, and a social network: Social Network’s buisness models are about censorship. We don’t censor people. We promote you.

Professionals signup on Gossip Depot for four things: to get the news, get media exposure, launch a network, and write, publish and host professionally formatted newsworthy content.

Gossip Depot is the #1 self-reporting news outlet for hood news, breaking news, and shared moments by millennials around the world. Gossip Depot is a free self-reporting website where millennials use their free time for instant chatting about local and world affairs with gossipers around the world.

Gossip Depot empowers the review, recap, discussion, and gossiping of the world’s hottest shared moments, news, trending topics, and celebrity gossip from around the world.

Search Gossip Depot to people search or find topics, news, and newsworthy content from around the world submitted and archived in a secure world gossip depot containing funny memes, viral videos, podcasts, articles, interviews, op eds, and more, on demand, and to millennials around the world.

GossipDepot.com is a centralized user-run forum for everything gossip such as breaking news, confessionals, deals and coupons, personal secrets, memes, recalls, celebrity gossip, health and fitness, sports, entertainment, parenting, confessions, being petty, and much more.

GossipDepot.com divides gossip into dozens of unconstrained topics accessible by clicking the Topic Box. Users add gossip to each topic in the form of URL links to external news articles, microblogging, or by going pro and adding media to their own gossip. For a limited time, users who sign up will receive free gossip space to add media to their gossips.

Additionally, each topic shows every piece of gossip from around the world on the same feed so Gossipers can now comment, add emojis, subscribe, message, and easily share gossip to other sites and also interact directly with other Gossipers from all around the world in real-time. GossipDepot.com is where all the gossip is.

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